In the middle of August 2021 Herat and Mazar fell to the Taliban.

Shortly following this, Jalalabad and Kabul fell. These are places where people already struggled to survive, where justice and fairness were fought for with words and courage rather than weapons.

Already, journalistic freedom has been curtailed, the engagement of women in public life expunged, and there are harrowing witness testimonies of minorities tortured and executed. People will not quickly forget what they had achieved, especially the ones left behind.

John Le Carré was a constant companion on this literary journey. A posthumously released novel will appear in October 2021. Silverlight is the story, appropriately, of a bookseller who has escaped the city to live in a coastal town. The image below links to the novel. Agent Running in the Field ended with that hotel in Torquay. Or rather, it didn't.

During the walk some music protected me from the circumstances. Since then, others have struck a chord.

Serf's Up by The Big Grey Man. Brilliant track with a clever lyric.

Brain Damage / Eclipse by Pink Floyd with Douglas Adams on his 42nd birthday. The last track floated to me from a window in Cadgwith, arguably the most thatched village in Britain.